sisyphus performance art film by victor pilon

Sisyphus - The Film

Sisyphus - The Film



Art Film by Victor Pilon

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During a 30-day marathon performance inspired by a personal tragedy, artist Victor Pilon shoveled. Based on The Myth of Sisyphus from Albert Camus, his choreographed 182-hour physical and psychological achievement offered moments of authenticity, introspection and beauty captured in Sisyphus, the film.

Through the contemplative yet mesmerizing images of his endless task, we witness the evolution of the acclaimed performance and its effect on the artist and the audience. Exhibiting emotion, determination and acceptance, Sisyphus reminds us that a human tragedy can be transformed into a liberating and healing journey.

Sisyphe - performance marathon

Winner of the 36th Grand Prix from the Conseil des arts de Montréal, and named one of the 10 best productions of 2021 by the Globe and Mail newspaper, Sisyphe - performance marathon was an original idea of Victor Pilon.

For hours, days, and weeks, channeling the mythological character who tried to achieve this titanic task in vain, the artist moved 50 tons of a sand over a short distance with a shovel in an endless back and forth.

Sisyphe was witnessed by thousands of spectators, who were touched and left with a permanent mark at the core of their being. No one remained indifferent in front of this long-term endeavor which was created through encounters with others: spectators were sometimes invited to momentarily take the place of the artist to reconnect with their own interpretation of death. And of life.

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