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4D ART Space

4D ART Space


Michel Lemieux's first project with Behaviour Interactive

Press release

Recognized as a dimension of sustainable development, art can be a powerful means of engagement and transformation. As an early pioneer of digital arts, 4D ART has made a conscious decision to reduce international tours of live performances in favor of local, 2D/3D, virtual and/or immersive projects. This year, 4D ART is taking the next step in aligning its avant-garde digital vision with sustainable development by creating a virtual art gallery: 4D ART Space.

Rather than a reproduction of a real locale, 4D ART Space differs from traditional online galleries in its aesthetic: a water cube forms its outer envelope, and a cave, reminiscent of Plato's cavern, is its inner hall and exhibition space.

Untouched is a work that deals with separation and the desire for human closeness, Icarus embodies the myth of the Greek character, while Invisible poetically addresses themes related to aging. Presented in the Espace 4D ART, the brand-new virtual art gallery of Studio 4D ART, these works are an amalgam between real and virtual worlds.

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