Lemieux Pilon and Cirque du Soleil



Cirque du Soleil2006

Creators are rarely given the opportunity Cirque du Soleil gave us. Above and beyond their faith in our vision, Cirque let us work with a dazzling team whose talent and expertise remain unsurpassed. Delirium is the result of their ability to overcome the impossible and their burning desire to outdo themselves. – Michel Lemieux and Victor Pilon

How to live in a world that is constantly changing before our very eyes? How to keep our feet on the ground and our head in the stars? How to emerge from our bubble and return to reality?

Inspired by the music of Cirque du Soleil, the answer to these questions is manifested in our main character and his story. Wandering from one world to the next, encountering a panoply of characters, he clings to his fragile sense of ego. A sort of vehicle for all our fears, hopes and dreams, he searches for his identity on a journey at once fragmented and mysterious.