mc dufour, cultural management, multimedia

Marie-Christine Dufour

executive director

Marie-Christine Dufour is the Executive Director and Producer of Lemieux Pilon 4D Art. Since 2009, her work is at the heart of the production of the multidisciplinary works developed and created by artists Michel Lemieux and Victor Pilon, including Cité Mémoire (Montréal en histoires and Neurone 3), Icare (TNM), La Belle et la Bête (TNM) and Dreamscapes (Montreal Museum of Fine Arts).

Active in the cultural world for over 30 years as a professional, a volunteer and a lover of art, Marie-Christine’s career has included senior management positions in communications, marketing and sales with television and cinema companies (Image in Media, CinéGroupe, Malofilm, Astral Communications) operating in Canada and around the world, as well as for the Government of Canada.

Member of the programming committee of the International Society for Performing Arts (ISPA) for the past 5 years, Marie-Christine is also a board member of several not-for-profit organisations: she is on the board of the Conseil des arts de Montréal while also presiding its evaluation committee on multidisciplinary arts and pluri-disciplinary presenters, she currently chairs the Rassemblement des arts interdisciplinaires du Québec (RAIQ) and she participates on the International advisory committee of the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal. She also chairs the Musée de Charlevoix and is Vice President of the Federation of Quebec Alzheimer Societies.