Marian Tremblay 4d art director

E. Marian Tremblay

executive director and producer

Marian is Executive Director and Producer at 4D ART. He leads the team and the artistic projects of the company including film, VR and performance projects.
Marian identifies and explores potential areas of development for the company and its projects and implements strategies to pursue them. He also represents the company in various functions and develops and nurtures relationships with key partners, suppliers and financing organizations.

Following the successful sale of his technology startup to a Boston-based private fund, Marian continued to work in the human capital industry. Prior to joining 4D ART, Marian practiced law at Blakker, a boutique business law firm specialized in Arts and Technology that he founded.

Marian has been active for over 25 years in the cultural industry as a lawyer, board member, volunteer and fundraiser. He currently sits on the board of Xn Québec, the association of digital experiences producers.