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Sisyphus, by Victor Pilon : critics are unanimous

Sisyphus, by Victor Pilon : critics are unanimous

Update : Sisyphus - performance marathon by Victor Pilon was hailed by the press and some online publications as a stunning and unmissable artistic event in their year-end reviews :

Since September 28, he has moved equivalent of 200 tonnes of sand from one mound to another and taken more than 500,000 steps (400 km) in the shoes of the legendary Sisyphus, whose perpetual struggle he embodies in all its beauty and suffering.

Here are some quotes taken from articles and reviews about the performance :

"There is a certain black humour to the piece – yes, he is just shovelling sand – although Pilon performs it with deep seriousness. The point is that the task is pointless: The meaning is in what we think about it. [...] It's mesmerizing."
Kate Taylor, The Globe and Mail

"In his deep dive into life, art, and grief with Sisyphus, Victor Pilon is evoking some of the true essences of existence."
Brandon Lorimer,

"I didn't expect I would be so deeply moved by his performance. It's a must-see."
Eugénie Lépine-Blondeau, Tout un matin (French)

"I first thought I would only stay for 15-20 minutes [...], and after an hour and a half, as I was leaving, I kept thinking: "I'm missing out on the rest of the performance!""
Johanne Despins, Culture Club (French)

"The beauty of it is in the movement. I strongly recommend!"
Marie-Christine Blais, Dessine-moi un dimanche (French)