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TEMPOREL : a successful first run of shows at Place des Arts (Montreal, Canada)

TEMPOREL : a successful first run of shows at Place des Arts (Montreal, Canada)

After its world premiere, Temporel -- a creation from Michel Lemieux and Victor Pilon, Patrick Léonard and Isabelle Chassé of Les 7 Doigts -- just concluded an 11-night series of shows, most of them sold-out, at Cinquieme Salle of Place des Arts (Montreal).

Here's an excerpt of what people have been saying about the show :

Temporel is sophisticated physical theatre that uses acrobatics mainly to explore situation and character and never lets its technical brilliance steal the show. […] The piece’s four creators – Michel Lemieux, Victor Pilon, Chassé and Léonard – have hit on a really potent mixture of theatre, circus and digital arts.
Globe and Mail, Robert Everett-Green

Digital effects and hi-tech wizardry tell a heartwarming story about fond memories.
CTV News Montreal, Christine Long

A show about an ordinary man with extraordinary memories.
Montreal Gazette, Jim Burke

Temporel marries humor, poetry and illusion with the physical expression of circus people..
Radio-Canada, Franco Nuovo

At once magical, spectacular, intimate and phenomenal..
Élizabeth Bigras-Ouimet, Atuvu.ca

Congratulations to the amazing team behind the creation. A huge thank you as well to the people who came to the Cinquième Salle to experience Temporel with us.

And to those hoping to see the show in a near future : follow our news closely !