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I am Icarus (in Mixed Reality)

I am Icarus (in Mixed Reality)


In development

Episode 1 : I am Icarus

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A Mixed Reality experience by 4D Art and Normal Studio, based on the universe of Dreamscapes.

In I am ICARUS, two participants become the physical actors of a visual and sonic experience and are invited to roam in an dreamlike universe. Wearing a virtual reality helmet and motion sensors, they each embody Icarus, while they perceive the other participant as Deadalus, the father, through an evolving avatar.

With pre-recorded dialogues, they will experience a father and son relationship, revisiting troubling memories of their past. Feelings of wind, heat and rumbling sounds will augment the immersive audio-visual representation of these memories.

In this amalgam of real and virtual experiences, the corridors of dreams and logic are superimposed. I am ICARUS opens the door of the mythical and timeless labyrinth where a fierce sun is shining with danger.

Contact Marie-Christine Dufour mcdufour@4dart.com