opera singer in starmania

Starmania Opera

Starmania Opera

Opéra de Montréal et Opéra de Québec2008

Terrorism pitted against totalitarianism: two dynamic forces in opposition, two types of danger threatening the world. Monopolis, the new capital of the Western world, is terrorized by the Black Stars. The head of the gang, Johnny Rockfort, dances to the tune of student-agitator Sadia. They meet secretly at the Underground Café under the amused gaze of Marie-Jeanne, the robot waitress. Meanwhile, on the 100th floor of the Golden Tower, billionaire Zéro Janvier is orchestrating his presidential campaign based on a return to order and the construction of a new atomic world.

In this context, three parallel love affairs intertwine and unravel: Marie-Jeanne’s fascination for the young, androgynous record dealer and mythomaniac Ziggy; Zéro Janvier’s idyllic romance with screen siren Stella Spotlight; and, last but not least, the passionate affair of Johnny Rockfort and Cristal, host of the television show Starmania.

Introduced by Sadia, Johnny and Cristal’s meeting at the Underground Café doesn’t go according to plan. Mad with jealousy over the instant connection of the two, Sadia denounces Johnny and Cristal to Zéro Janvier on the evening he’s celebrating his engagement to Stella Spotlight at Naziland, a gigantic revolving dance club perched above Monopolis. But the Black Stars have chosen this very evening to set off a bomb in the Golden Tower.

Tragic death, bitter triumph, utter disillusionment... Only Marie-Jeanne decides to leave in search of the sun.

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