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Bad Boy Club of Montreal (BBCM) Foundation2001

With the theme “Origins,” Black & Blue 2001 marked a turning point in human history – the dawn of a new millennium.

Origine is the encounter of Gaia (Mother Earth), Celtic druids and, most notably, Dionysus – the Greek god of dance, pleasure, music, liberation, ecstasy and euphoria, as well as love, friendship and sharing – who kicks off all great parties.

The Black & Blue Festival promoted these values by celebrating life itself in a symbolic circle recreated on the field of Montreal’s Olympic Stadium. Since prehistoric times and in every culture, the circle has always represented the life cycle, the human spirit, unity, harmony, the absolute and eternity. The 2001 edition of this festival was a celebration of life and community initiative, an affirmation that we will always cherish the memories of those who have fallen victim to AIDS.